Friday, April 18, 2014

Hi There!

T and Bean.
(I didn't want this picture,
 my hair is messy, but mommy
 didn't listen.)
This new blog is all about, you guessed it, Me and T.
Me? I'm a mom, wife, writer, and aspiring homesteader. You might have come across some of my writing. If not, that's OK, this blog was created to help my 9 year old develop her writing skills. I'm hoping to see her blossom as a writer, because her creative ability is amazing.
We will be posting all sorts of things - cooking, sewing, crochet, organizing tips, gardening, art, and maybe short stories. The posts here will be led by my daughter and the things we do day to day. Without any further ado, let me introduce T, the 9 year old Mini Me.
 (the following post will be transcribed from her words, next posts from T will be from her own typing.)
T- Hi, I'm T. I'm 9. I like pink and purple, but my favorite color mostly is black. Um...I like to eat pizza. I have three sisters and two brothers. I have an awesome daddy and mommy. Uh...and two dogs that hate each other. I like to watch Monster High and Winx Club (that's a fairy show!). I have two new ducks and eight baby chickens.
I live in the country and it is very nice here. I grew up in the city, we moved to the country when I was 7. We saw a coyote in the field [by our house] and that is true.
I want to write about my life. I am going to write with mommy. I am going to share stories and things we do together. I hate sharing my songs so you won't get to hear them. Delete that. Stop. Giggle Giggle. No, delete all of that! NOOO, delete all of that, it looks stupid there! Stop stop stop!
(heh. bad mommy, right? I want her to share her little songs. )
BYE! See you soon!

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  1. tee-hee! Awesome! Love it! :D I used to make up songs when I was T's age, too, but if she doesn't want to share them, that's okay, although I'd love to hear them!